Argument and Ethics
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Syllabus and Rubrics

Note: One class discussion grade will be given at the mid-term and the final terms of each semester (200 points total). Students will regularly be given feedback about their class participation.

Everyday Morality (EM)

Contemporary Moral Problems (CMP)


BBC Introducing Ethics Website

Homework/Reading Assignments
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Monday (regular)
Tuesday (regular)
Wednesday (no class)
Thursday (long class)
Friday (regular)
April 7

Virtue Ethics
EM 35-41
April 8

CMP Aristotle “Happiness and Virtue” para 1-17

April 9
April 10

CMP Aristotle “Happiness and Virtue” para 18-35
April 11

Virtue Ethics
EM 41-48;
EM p. 49 Q 7
Short Paper Due
April 14
CMP Hume “Morality is Based on Sentiment”
April 15
CMP Hume “Morality is Based on Sentiment”
CMP Review Q#2
Short Paper Due

April 16
April 17
Hume & Incest
April 18
Argumentation: Complex Arguments

Gyges Ring

Conflicting Views on Health Care

Food for though on Rights Ethics:On Moral Fictions - Blog Entry